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Happy Holidays!

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Warmest Holidays wishes from our clan to yours.

My year, 20 words

Fred's promotion, disappointment
NYC vacation
Thurston walks
10 years
Broken washer, fighting Bestbuy

The replacement machine self destructs

My family is meant to wear dirty clothes.  We should look slovenly.  Our brand new, straight from the box washing machine arrived yesterday and I was so excited to get the mountain of clothing piling up in the bedrooms cleaned I started a load as soon as the delivery truck drove away.   Everything seemed to  be going ok, until the spin cycle.  The machine started making some very loud clanking sounds, then dumped a bunch of water all over my kitchen floor.  WTF.  I knew this wasn't a good thing.  I pretended that maybe something was not connected properly, maybe it was because the machine wasn't level.  This machine is large and very heavy.  I cannot move it alone.  I had to wait for Papa bg to arrive home.  We pull it away from the wall, everything is connected.  We level the machine.  We test it by just running the spin cycle.  It clanks very loudly, and pours water on the floor.  Did I mention this is a fucking brand new machine?  Papa bg says we will have to call the company in the morning (it is 11pm at this point) to repair it.  I said call NOW.  I haven't had a working machine since August.  I need to be able to clean clothes.  The company must have felt our frustration.  The delivery man came first this morning and pronounced my machine dead.   He could fix it, but it needed at least 3 major parts.  I refused, a brand new machine shouldn't need 3 major parts.  Now I am playing the waiting game again.  I have to wait for another to be shipped to the delivery warehouse, so it will be close to another 2 weeks before it arrives.  If you see me and I smell, I'm sorry I don't have a washboard.

Nov. 15th, 2008

Happy Birthday, Honey.  I love you.